Sometimes there are games that surpass the “game” category and become a pure work of art. Typographical is one of those games.

Typographical is an exceedingly simple game that will catch you off guard every time. Based on every letter of the alphabet and every number from 0 to 9, your mission in this game is to ever so carefully make your way around each letter without touching anything… Which is surprisingly hard to do…

Played using a modified scroll control system – which allows you to move your player with insane precision – your mission in this game is to collect coins while making your way to the goal which is positioned somewhere around each level.

Due to the insane levels of precision the scroll controls in Typographical give you over your player (allowing you to focus your full attention on completing the task before you), each time you GAME OVER in Typographical it is shocking(!) making this already challenging game just that little bit more intense!

This said, overall Typographical has no time limit, and although very challenging at times, none of the stages ever felt truly impossible. If you’d like a game where you can sit back and enjoy the beauty without getting killed, this is the game for you for you.

If you are in search of a game that could be mistaken for a work of art, this is the game for you. With graphics nothing short of beautiful, some of the best controls we’ve ever seen, and no ads, (yes, this is a paid game), if you have a few dollars to spare, this is a game you really should check out.

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