Tunnel – A super fast 3D tunnel run (almost everything is deadly)

Do you like 3D tunnel games? Being a long time favorite for a lot of gamers, there are hundreds of awesome – and rather awful – 3D tunnel games on App Stores around the world, and today we’ve got another one for you.

Tunnel, (potentially the simplest name ever given to a 3D tunnel game) is a game about a Tunnel, a Ball, and numerous Red Obstacles. Your mission in this game… Survive😅

Starting off in a “safe” section of this heavily guarded tunnel, you the player will be required to maneuver your ball past numerous obstacles that pop up, drop down, and fire directly at you from almost every direction imaginable. This is done by simply tapping on your screen to rotate your ball in a leftward direction.

If you’re wondering about how to turn right, this is done automatically anytime you aren’t touching on the screen of your device. Unfortunately, your ball’s leftward rotation is much faster than its rightward rotation meaning that in order to avoid obstacles, you will pretty much always have to dodge to the left.

Now, when it comes to 3D games, one of the first questions everyone asks is, “How are the graphics?” Here Tunnel is actually a little divided. The camera (the angle at which the player views the game from) is amazing and moves a little like how drones fly behind people in movies. Due to this “moving camera” you’ll pretty much always be viewing the game from the coolest angle possible.

Unfortunately, the graphics – although good – aren’t as stunning as the graphics normally found in games by The Mascoteers. If you’re after a game with graphics that can take your breath away, we’d still recommend Smash Hit over Tunnel…

Do you love the feel of speedily flying through an obstacle filled 3D world?

If so, Tunnel may just be what you’ve been looking for. With simple one touch controls, (something rarely found in 3D games) and all the action you could ever want from a mobile game, you’ll have a hard time finding something not to like about this game…

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