Tricky Taps – This game was built to be nothing but satisfying!!

Tricky Taps

Satisfying videos are both satisfying and annoying at the same time. Although they will often fill you with a sense of peace and happiness normally only experienced when pealing the plastic film off of a new smartphone, they are also kind of annoying when you think of just how many views they are getting…

Tricky Taps (by Crazy Labs) is a tricky new game for iOS about guiding a metal ball through a virtual 3D obstacle course. Not unlike the satisfying obstacle courses, you see on Instagram and YouTube, your mission in this game is to act in place of the perfectly timed obstacles that keep your ball rolling to the goal.

Played by tapping on the screen of your device in order to perform a multitude of different actions, you’ll soon learn how the different obstacles react when you touch on the screen of your device, allowing you to pass though satisfying new levels with relative ease. Easy enough?

For players who actually downloaded this game as a game – not as a sort of playable satisfying video – Tricky Taps features 3 stars per-level you can collect in order to clear the level with flying colors. If you don’t care about stars however there doesn’t seem to be a lock that prevents you from progressing, so you should be alright!

With a plastic-like 3D design, a fairly standard number of Ads, as well as an endless mode to keep you satisfied for presumably eternity – assuming you are good enough to not die somewhere between now and the next asteroid strike that wipes out life on earth.😂

The Conclusion

If you are filling tired, unhappy, and underpaid, why not treat yourself to some of the most satisfying gameplay you can get on mobile? Perhaps this game will finally convince you to change careers and become a YouTuber creating satisfying videos?

Because we really need more satisfying video channels in the world… 😂

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