Have you ever tried bouncing a rubber ball – or handball – in a narrow hallway? If you have you’ll probably remember how hitting a wall would send your ball whizzing up the wall, flying back and forth, until it ran out of “bounce” or hit the roof…

Triangle Dash! is a game that seems to be inspired by either bouncing rubber balls, or Bird Climb – a very similar game also by BoomBit – but either way, it’s one of the most addictive games we’ve ever played.

Based on a spinning triangle bouncing between the two edges of your screen, your mission in this simple game is to help your little guy climb up the walls of your device without crashing into any massive wedge sized triangular obstacles. Pretty straight forward…!

By touching on the screen your triangle will begin to speed up, bouncing “up” your screen, and by releasing, your triangle will slow down and gradually begin to bounce “down.” Using long and short taps to adjust your player’s speed and height, you can gradually guide your player over and around obstacles without hitting them.

Also, for players who hate time pressure, Triangle Dash! has no time limit nor gradually enclosing deadline, making this game simply a joy to play!

Triangle Dash!_SS1Triangle Dash!_SS2

If you’d like a game you can play on and off, a game that’s “just there” when you need it. Triangle Dash! is probably one of the most “addictive when necessary” and “forgettable when unnecessary” games we’ve ever reviewed.

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