TrapAdventure 2 – The cruelest platformer you will ever play…😈


TrapAdventure 2

If you thought Getting Over It (by Bennett Foddy) was hard, today we’ve got a game that is just plain cruel. Although the developer HIROYOSHI OSHIBA doesn’t explicitly state that the game was designed to hurt people – like Bennett Foddy did in his intro video for Getting Over It – he does state “I can’t take any responsibilities for the displeasure this game may cause.” So I guess it’s your own responsibility not to destroy your smartphone…

Set in a dungeon style pixelated 2D world, TrapAdventure 2 starts out rather similarly to Duke Dashington Remastered, another challenging 2D platformer game we recently reviewed… after playing this game for 2 minutes, you’ll soon realize just how much harder this game is than any other mobile platformer game you’ve ever played!

With levels that are actually designed to kill you, TrapAdventure 2 makes you, the player, feel as though the developer is watching over your shoulder, waiting for that perfect moment in which to unexpectedly kill you…💀

After checking out countless platformer games in search of the very best games to feature on our site, our team is – at this point – fairly good at spotting what elements on any given stage are (safe), what elements are (dangerous), and what elements (look safe, but are actually dangerous). TrapAdventure 2 has managed to successfully fool us on every single level we’ve gotten to so far. The worst time – knocking our player off a safe ledge and into spikes because we took too long to react.😱

Much as we have an awful lot we would like to complain about in this game, TrapAdventure 2 is actually incredibly well made when it comes to the UI (User Interface) and basic mobile on-screen controls. The buttons are responsive and do exactly what you’d expect them to do, there are quite a few Ads, (we recommend you purchase the NORMAL VERSION of the game which will give you more lives and no Ads), and far too many annoying and stressful levels for the average player. TrapAdventure 2 is yet another one of those annoying games most players will never get to the end of…

The Conclusion

For those of you who would like an annoying and trendy game you can complain about for the next few months until the next stupidly difficult game takes off, this is the impossible game for you.

That being said, if you would actually like an almost impossible game you can really play on a small mobile screen, TrapAdventure 2 is one of the best options available. The game is very nicely optimized for mobile.

Want to give TrapAdventure 2 a try? The download link is just below.📲
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