Totes the Goat

Birds have beaks, goats eat green grass, and beavers don’t eat goats… We are right, aren’t we? Well, Totes the Goat by ATOOI is a game that doesn’t quite go by these general rules of nature…

Set on a grassy blue hill made up of cubes your mission is to guide a very square goat around a lush blue hill so as to eat up all of the blue grass then let green grass grow back. Though the game doesn’t give any real reason as to why the grass is blue, maybe it is just after a nuclear apocalypse and due to the huge amounts of radiation in the air that the grass has changed color?, it mustn’t be healthy…

Anyway back to the review, you can move your player around the hill by swiping either up, down, left, or right. Falling off the edge of the hill will kill you, just like in real life. What isn’t the same as real life is that there are numerous black birds with teeth, and meat eating beavers that- given the chance, will devour your little goat in seconds! Scary beavers…

The game itself is pretty simple and so are the controls, so it may seem strange to hear that we died nearly 10 times in a series of about 5 minutes when we tried this game for the first time. The reason is because when new beavers and birds are added to the game (they are dropped down onto the stage) the relatively cheap 3D graphics make it difficult to judge just where the new enemy is going to land, making it difficult to tell whether you’re about to be in a whole heap of trouble, or if there is nothing to worry about.

Totes the Goat_SS1 Totes the Goat_SS2

If you don’t like the colors of the world the way they are, if you just want to get away from the blue sky and oceans, the green grass and trees, the white clouds and snow, Totes the Goat may just be that getaway you need. As for us, we think our goat needs to see a doctor… (Too much blue grass for one day…)

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