Tiny Striker by Fat Fish Games – Review

Tiny Striker is – as you’d expect – a PK based soccer game you can quickly play on the fly. One game takes around 30 seconds to 1 minute depending on how good you are, making it an easy game to play on the go…

This is how a “normal” review of this game would probably go… we’re not normal…

Tiny Striker is much more than a simple PK game, Tiny Striker is simply fun! Taking a closer look at this game from the perspective of a game developer, you’ll no doubt notice just how well structured this game’s addictive qualities are.

Unlike a lot of “semi addictive” games, Tiny Striker starts off easy with no opposing players protecting the goal at all, then gradually the game increases in difficulty at a slow and steady pace most players will easily keep up with, but never becomes “impossible.”

This game’s greatest quality by far is the fact that it never becomes impossible, giving the player a sense of “I can get it next time!” driving them on to play just one more game!

Also, though more on the technical side, the simple swipe controls play a large part in this game’s addictiveness as well, making it easy for players of all ages and gaming backgrounds to enjoy.


Game developers! If you want to create an addictive game, please check this game out. It could very well be the most addictive game we’ve reviewed to date.

As for everyone else… If you’d like a game that may just ruin your social life, here it is.

If you lose all your friends due to playing Tiny Striker all day Edamame Reviews cannot be held accountable…😉

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