Tiny Sheep – Yet another evil farming game…😈

One of our most popular reviews on Edamame Reviews is by far our review of Egg, Inc. by Auxbrain, Inc. This game is so evil it isn’t funny(!) Yet it still accumulated a whopping +7500 views! …our world is in trouble…

Tiny Sheep is a game that likely defines the farming industry in the not so distant future. After the rise of fast and affordable cloning machines you – the farmer in this game – decide to boost your wool selling business using the power of science! …and a little…

Featuring a gameplay system similar to that of most tapper games, your mission in this game is to tap on the screen of your device in order to “generate” sheep you can use to make wool which you can sell for cash!

Using the cash you gain from selling the wool shorn from your GM-sheep, you can invest in researching better “Sheep Vitamins”, “Optimized Cloning Pods”, and “Sheep DNA Upgrades” just to name a few…

After reaching a given level of success you will be prompted to start over with a better, “more profitable breed of sheep”, you can use to reach greater heights than ever before! Although this switch isn’t enforced, if you’re the type of gamer to enjoy this game, your answer is likely already decided.

Last but not least, this game continues to make you money even when the app is closed making it the perfect game for players who don’t have a lot of time to spend idly tapping on the screen of their device.

With a surprisingly high-end set of low poly 3D graphics for an endless tapper game, Tiny Sheep is a game we’d recommend to anyone who is tired of tapping on a digital cookie and would rather create an empire using the power of GM-Sheep…!

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