It seems as though people just can’t get enough of AI. Artificial Intelligence allegedly has the potential to make our lives a whole lot better by taking over a heap of the boring jobs we do for a living.😱 But can an AI really replace you? Today we’ve got a game that probably isn’t too good for your sense of self-worth…

We’re all so going to die… 🤖🤖🤖 😱

Timberman (by Digital Melody Games) is a game that has seemingly been around forever on iOS and Android. Featuring a pixelated lumberjack, your mission in this game is to tap on either the left or right sides of your screen in order to chop large chunks out of either the left or right side of an infinitely tall tree.

Now, when chopping large trees down, branches can be a bit of a hazard. That’s why it is your job to tap on the side that doesn’t currently have a branch sticking out at body level, nor has a branch directly above it just waiting to land on your head and… GAME OVER… 👾 Pretty simple stuff.

Unfortunately, our brains are really-really bad at these sorts of simple tasks, especially when under time pressure! Timberman takes advantage of these two weaknesses in order to create a game an AI would probably play for hours, days, or even years without any trouble, and we humans can survive for only as little as 30 seconds…

With simple controls, a minimal number of Ads, and a number of different skins for you to unlock and try out, Timberman definitely doesn’t have the latest look or feel to it, but it is still just as challenging as it was when it was first released.

The Conclusion

If you’re feeling a little expendable, Timberman is a game you probably won’t want to check out, it will likely just make things worse…😅

…then again, you may discover that you have a passion for felling trees, which is a job we don’t see AI taking over in the near future! Who knows where this game will lead you. 😝

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