The Walls – a “fun” torture machine?

Don’t always believe your first impression. If this can be said about people, then why not games? The Walls is a game about timing, and at first sight looks like a torture machine…

Created by the same developers that created the all famous Zig Zag, The Walls is a game that – at first sight – looks almost identical to Zig Zag but is actually surprisingly much easier!

The game is based around two walls, a ball, and an intersection you need to roll into. The moment the game begins your ball will begin speedily rolling toward the edge of a long road sectioned off by a wall at the end. Obviously your ball will hit the wall and rebound back in the direction it came, but the moment it does this an intersection and a second wall will appear blocking off the ball’s path once again.

Here the developers had the chance to change The Walls into a torture machine, but thankfully this wasn’t the direction the developers chose to take the game…

Until you’ve gotten a grasp of the “perfect timing”, your ball will continue to roll back and forth between the two blocking walls until you’ve figured out the timing well enough to tap on the screen and make your move. If you manage to successfully change direction at the right time your ball will roll onto the new path thus advancing in the game.

If you found Zig Zag just a little too difficult, you need to try The Walls, because although challenging it definitely isn’t impossible…

If training your reaction time is on your list of things to do, The Walls is the perfect game to get a better grasp on both rhythm, timing, and reaction time. A triple deal!

Of course not everyone wants to “train” and for those who want to just have fun The Walls is an extremely challenging game that although definitely not impossible, may sometimes feel like it…😉

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