The Power of Two by Hequan Li – Review

2048 was amazing! Within about a month, this simple number game took over millions of people’s smartphones and has now been downloaded over 50,000,000 times on Android devices alone! Today we may have found the long awaited “Part 2” of this insanely viral game…

The Power of Two is a game very similar to 2048 both visually and concept wise, just with much more functionality you “never knew” you always wanted.

Based solely around “intersections,” The Power of Two though simple, is also extremely puzzling. A lot like 2048…😉 (Below we’ve listed a few screenshots explaining how to play.)

If you followed along with the explanation screen shots above you’ll have probably noticed how this game actually allows you to combine up to 4 blocks at once, clearing up a huge space on your board in just a few well thought out moves.

Also, for immensely skilled individuals, you can sometimes manage to combine 3 blocks at once “combining and eliminating” 3 tiles in a single move. Though useful, these moves can sometimes affect your gameplay negatively, especially when you accidentally combine 3 essential blocks to a combo you were planning…😓


The Power of Two is an extremely well made new version of 2048 we expect both die hard fans and casual players of the original 2048 will enjoy.

If you were one of the millions that enjoyed 2048 we strongly recommend you try this game out. It will no doubt reignite the burning 2048 addiction that took the world by storm!

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