The Path To Luma – Join the “Puzzle” for clean energy…!?

Clean energy is a controversial topic that can get rather heated… We mean, VERY heated, and so far, there doesn’t seem to be a “correct answer.”

The Path To Luma is a puzzle game about clean energy where there is a correct answer, and your mission is to get things working once again… on a cosmic scale 😱  Equipped with a solar panel like staff called a “Solar Spear” your mission is to move from planet to planet, and set up new self sustaining energy supplies to save the Chroma civilization.

Each level is based on a different planet with different tools and natural energy sources. Although the actual game itself is rather straightforward, e.g. “If there’s a planet with a lot of wind, you’ll probably be setting up wind turbines”, when it comes to how you set them up, it’s a bit of a different story.

You see, unlike here on Earth where construction workers usually have some form of energy to power their heavy machinery, the people of Chroma seem to be in a much harder situation. Often there will be little or even no power to use to transport your player from his starting position to the location in which the new power supplies need to be set up meaning you’ll need to make do with whatever you have on you. Quite a puzzle

If you like puzzle games where you work toward achieving a simple goal using simple logic and a little trial and error, The Path To Luma is a beautiful 3D puzzle game you won’t regret giving a try.

Interested in seeing what you can do for the Chroma civilization? The download link is just below 😉

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