After buying the brand new Nintendo Switch, you’ve played through The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and are now eagerly awaiting the release of Arms If this is you, today we’ve got a game you need to check out.

The Contender is a stretchy new retro-looking 2D fighter game for your iPhone. Set in a 2D ring made of retro pixel graphics, your mission in this game is to beat your stretchy opponent using your equally stretchy arms to fire punches at one another.

If you’re a devoted One Piece fan, you’ll love the stretchy punches in this game…☠️

Played using 4 on-screen buttons, (Move Left, Move Right, Punch Left, and Punch Right), The Contender is played in pretty much the same way you would play any other boxing game, just with “one” key difference.

Both you and your opponent in this game don’t have an option to guard or defend. Although this is great for playing speed rounds – you don’t want both players locked in a guard for 30 minutes – it also creates a fairly simple problem. In order for you to land a punch in The Contender, you first need to move into your opponent’s range.

Obviously, if you move into your opponent’s range you’re going to get hit, and in a game where both you and your opponent have the exact same level of health, getting hit first is a major disadvantage… Avoiding that first “hit” is quite a challenge…

With both a “Single-Player Mode” and a “Multi-Player Mode” The Contender is a retro boxer game you can enjoy alone, or with a bunch of friends. Just so long as “you” land the first punch…

The Conclusion

Looking for a way to train up your stretchy boxing skills before the release of Arms? If so, you may have just found your solution…

Want to give The Contender a try? The download link is just below😉

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