The Bounce Master – A game we never expected to be so good!

At Edamame Reviews we check every single review request sent in by developers. As you can probably imagine, going through numerous apps in search of awesome new content is a very tedious and long-winded task, yet we still do it, because sometimes, just sometimes, there are hidden games like The Bounce Master…

The Bounce Master is the most addictive puzzle game we’ve featured all month! Based around a cannon, a cannon ball, a portal, and a whole host of moving parts scattered around a mostly white stage, your mission in this game is to blast your ball around each stage and “hopefully” get it into the portal.

The game itself is fairly simple to play (i.e. aim and fire) and will literally take you 10 seconds to figure out. Now, where this game becomes challenging is actually managing to get your ball into the portal within the allotted number of bounces.

You see, with each new stage, you are given a predefined number of bounces your ball is allowed to make off walls, obstacles, etc., meaning the direction and angle in which you fire your cannon is very important!

…This said, 9 times out of 10 you probably won’t make it to the portal in time and will Game Over somewhere in between. Luckily, though, as far as we know, there don’t seem to be any ads that swarm in on you every few times you ‘game over’ making this game a joy to play.

With super high-quality graphics effects, awesome stages filled with cool and exciting gimmicks, and much, much more, this is a game we highly recommend to anyone who likes slightly action packed puzzle games.

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