Do you enjoy playing simple 2D physics based games? TapBall Adventures is a super modernized version of pinball that will not disappoint! …as long as you’re an Android user. Sorry iOS Gamers…

When was the last time you played pinball? Probably a very long time ago😅 TapBall Adventures is a simple level based game, (i.e. it slowly increases in difficulty), based on 10 glowing crystals, a goal, and a very interesting control system.

Played using tap controls, your ball is moved around each stage by tapping along the bottom edge of your screen. By tapping on the left side of your screen you can “kick” your ball right, and by tapping on the right side of the screen you can “kick” your ball left. If you tap anywhere in between these two extremes your ball will still move either left or right (depending on which side you tap on) just at much less of an angle.

Using these very new controls your mission in this game is to collect as many of the 10 crystals as possible before hitting the goal and clearing each stage.

You are given a total of 5 balls per game which will reload over time or after watching an Ad. Obviously, no one wants to wait or watch an Ad and so, in order to constantly keep your remaining balls at a maximum you’ll need to clear each stage with a perfect score (i.e. collect 10 out of 10 crystals)

With a total of around 60 normal levels to complete, (And a bunch of hidden levels which are very, very hard!) this game will probably last you a while😉

With lots of levels, semi-intuitive controls (they do take a little getting used to), and very nice fluid graphics that we forgot to mention above😓, this game will not disappoint players who are ready to try something new.

We will be honest, there are a few places where we thought, “What!? Why does that happen?” but it definitely wasn’t enough for us not to recommend you don’t play this game.

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