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HTML5 and Javascript games are currently taking over the world! for instance is a game playable on any device with a browser and internet connection! Anything! Today we’ve got another one of these insanely “multiplatform” games called is basically the tank version of Just like you’d expect from a tank, in this game your mission is to blast abstract shapes and other players to gain points and grow stronger.

One key difference between and is that in you can choose what to upgrade. As you can imagine, what you choose to upgrade can drastically change the overall fate of your war machine, so upgrades need to be taken very seriously.

Upgrades in this game come in two types, basic tank “Speck Upgrades”, and actual “Tank Upgrades.”

Speck Upgrades come every time your tank “levels up” and can be maxed out after 10 upgrades. You can choose between Health, Bullet Power, Defence, Reload Speed, Movement Speed, and Recovery Speed. Our advice (Max Everything Out…😝👍)

Tank Upgrades come 3 times throughout the course of the game and are no doubt the single most important aspect of With your first upgrade you will be given a choice between three base tank types, Power, Wide, and Aria. Depending on what you choose here and what your playing style is, your overall fate will change drastically…

Our overall advice for this game is, “While you’re weak, collect points from blasting obstacles and not other players, once you’ve maxed everything out, start attacking👾” We did this and the results were… shocking…


This is us… Why we didn’t change our name from the default “” we really don’t know, but we’re 2nd on the learer board with 1493k points and a maxed out tank…


If you liked but think it lacks strategy, is what you need!

We love😆

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