Tank Hero – A classic game “Reborn!”

When the Nintendo Wii was first released, one of the first games we were well and truly addicted to was the game Tanks that came as a set with the game Wii Play. If you were one of the first to get your hands on what eventually became the legendary gaming console you’ve probably played the game we are talking about.

Tank Hero is a game that is obviously more than just inspired by Tanks in Wii Play. This game is almost identical in every way way possible! The only real difference you’ll notice when playing Tank Hero is that the game is played on a tablet or smartphone instead of on a console, and for players who love the original this is awesome!

The controls you’ll use to move your tank are – to be honest – harder than on a console with physical buttons, but are definitely easy enough to get used to. In exchange for harder movement Tank Hero offers a much easier way to fire bullets with simple tap to shoot controls. Much easier than aiming with a Wiimote that doesn’t want to register…

As for the graphics, the visual effects in Tank Hero are much darker, and give the overall game a more serious look and feel, very different to the toy like tanks and wooden barriers in Tanks.

If you’ve played tanks and – like us – fell in love with the simple yet challenging gameplay, Tank Hero is basically the same game just rearranged for smartphones and tablets.

Has our review re-lit the burning Tank lover within you? We hope so, because the download link is just below 😉

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