Swoopy Space – Ever wondered what it would be like to be a comet…?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a comet? Shooting through space at around 144,000 km per hour (89477.4517 mph) imagine all the fun you could have as you whizz through the realms of space?

Swoopy Space is a game about a super cute comment that must have somehow stumbled upon the most colorful asteroid belt of all time! Filled with glowing asteroids of all different sizes and colors, your mission in this game is to avoid smashing into anything as you continue your speedy journey through space.

If you’ve played ZigZag or Arrow, chances are you’ll find Swoopy Space very familiar. In this game your player will either fly in a diagonal direction “left” or “right” up the screen of your device. By tapping on the screen your player will switch angles essentially zigzagging up the screen.

Using your speedy zigzagging comet your mission in this game is to avoid asteroids, UFO’s, rockets, etc. while collecting coins and diamonds to gain points.

Although very simple this game is surprisingly difficult to master and will make you begin to wonder just why we don’t see more “comet crashes” in the night sky above our planet…

Need a cute space game to play as you wait for your flight to Mars? (Who knows this may be a reality in 100 years from now?)

Swoopy Space is a cute game you won’t regret having on your phone for when you really need it… 100 years from now…😁

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