Switchy Sides – What if Google was a game?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Google became a game? Chances are it would become something like this. An insanely challenging runner game filled with Google-ness!

Switchy Sides is a challenging runner game with a color scheme that strongly resembles the world’s largest search engine we all love and use. Set in an obstacle-filled world that simply screams GOOGLE! your mission in this game is to avoid Google colored obstacles while collecting Google colored stars in order to gain points.

Played using simple tap controls to switch your player’s gravity, you will be required to speedily swap the direction in which your player falls in order to avoid crashing into anything.

The obstacles that speedily shoot down the screen of your device will constantly change forcing you to focus all of your attention on the task before you in order to simply survive! Although definitely possible, until you figure out what the majority of the obstacle patterns are, you will have a hard time managing to figure out what each one does before it kills you…

When it comes down to the graphics in Switchy Sides, they can be… “Interesting.” Although very clean and Googley as we stated above, (way too many times), they can also sometimes seem a little blurred and out of focus when in motion, which for some players will no doubt be a deal breaker.

Do you love challenging games? If so, this is the game for you.
With constantly changing obstacles, “painfully speedy” graphics, and a super simple gameplay system, Switchy Sides will last you quite a while…

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