Switchy Bridge – Driving in this game must be a nightmare…

Do you remember the movie called Cars by Pixar? This strange movie about a civilisation run entirely by cars was – and still is – one of the strangest movies we’ve ever seen. (Where did all the people go…💀 )

Today, we’ve got a new indie game that would be classified as a horror game if it were released in the world of Cars… Luckily for cars it’s not, and luckily for us it’s playable single handed!

Switchy Bridge is a game about the world’s most dangerous bridge and a bunch of idiot -excuse us – “slightly stupid” drivers. Perhaps the state didn’t have enough money to build a “proper” bridge? We don’t know, but your mission in this crazy game is to control 3 bridges in order to prevent speeding cars from falling off the bridge into the cold ocean below…

The 3 bridges each have their own end sections, and presumably roads that lead off them, but for some reason, they all share a “middle section” that must be speedily swapped from bridge to bridge in order to prevent cars from falling over the edge!

If you’re thinking “WHAT!!!” right now, congratulations, you’re sane. In fact, we’d advise anyone who “does” understand the logic behind this design for a bridge to go see a doctor immediately…

How long have you been making Apps or Games?

Just a couple months. Our first app was just released in August!


So is this your first creation?

Yes it is😊


What do you use to make your apps or games?

Unity 3D Game Engine.


Awesome, So, tell us about your app!

Switchy Bridge is an addictive “one-touch-control” game. It focuses on easy and addictive gameplay.


Although we must say we’ve seen better looking games, overall Switchy Bridge is a cool little game that has the fundamentals nailed!

It is fun, addictive, and makes the player want to play just one more game.


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