Do you love playing fighter games? If so, today we’ve got a fighter game with amazing controls and not too much else… More coming soon… hopefully…

Swipe Fighter Heroes (by Copenhagen Creators) is probably the most intuitive fighter game we have ever reviewed. Played by drawing on the bottom half of your screen in order to punch, kick, block, and launch special attacks, it took us less than 1 minute to figure out how to play this game. How cool! 😆

By speedily drawing lines, circles, W’s, and Z’s, on the screen of our device, we were soon able to battle it out with the random opponents we faced online. Only then did we realized that this game has one major problem. It is almost impossible to block your opponent!

You may be thinking “So what?” but the poor blocking system in this game sparks one huge problem. Because you are playing against other humans online who struggle to block your attacks as much as you struggle to block their attacks, you can pretty much win by just spamming your favorite attack over and over again.

Because there is no cooldown-period between attacks, (you actually seem to be able to stack them on one another – meaning your player will automatically transition from one set of attacks to the next), your opponent has virtually no time to retaliate or even block, meaning whoever starts their combo first will almost always win.

As you can probably tell, this is very annoying… 🙄

With not too many Ads, a great soundtrack, a UI (user interface) that is good – but could definitely use a polish, and cute characters, this game wouldn’t be too bad if it only a few tweaks were made to the overall gameplay system.

Until that happens, whoever has the fastest reaction time rules this game…

The Conclusion

If you’re a developer looking for a simple and intuitive way to allow your users to interact with your brand new fighting game, look no further – this is it! The control system in Swipe Fighter Heroes is brilliant!

…we just wish the gameplay system rewarded skill a little more than it currently does…😅

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