Sushi Trainer

I know it sounds strange Sushi and Money but that’s what the description says so well, I gave it a go. Interestingly enough it actually makes sense, to at least some degree.

If you’ve ever been to a sushi restaurant it quickly becomes obvious that something very important is missing, Yes the price tags! Eating at one of theses stores can be rather scary seeing as you don’t actually know how much the meal will add up to.

Sushi Trainer, on the out side, is a sort of memory game that helps you to memorise how much each plate costs… Not all that useful… After reading this article I finally realised what Sushi Trainers true purpose was.

Ever gone to dinner with a friend who expects you to pay for absolutely everything? Sushi Trainer was designed as a way to suttely get back at these people. Before entering a Sushi Restaurant tall them that “you’ve found a cool little game.”

They’ll get the idea. If you have an annoying friend you’d like to get rid of you really NEED this game.

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