Super Planet Defender – Only you can save your planet…

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a massive asteroid half the size of earth hurtled toward our helpless planet, sealing the fate of humanity once and for all… Death is inevitable…

This is no doubt how the one lone fighter on the small planet featured in Super Planet Defender feels as he defends his tiny home from certain doom. Protecting himself – the one and only inhabitant living on this tiny planet “single-handedly”,  your mission in this game is to help this little guy defend “his home” from destruction.

Played using touch and drag controls, Super Planet Defender is played by tapping anywhere on the screen and dragging to shoot at asteroids that hurtle toward your planet. Simple and easy to play 😉

As the game progresses more and more asteroids, comets, etc, shoot toward your planet, making the game harder and harder to play without dying. Luckily, there are plenty of Power-Ups to help you out along the way which are surprisingly easy to unlock!

Instead of requiring you to shoot coins, survive for x-number of levels, or buy an add-on of some description, Power-Ups in Super Planet Defender are unlocked by simply shooting asteroids. As long as you destroy the required number of asteroids, it doesn’t matter how many times you GAME OVER in the process. (This is an amazingly user-friendly game!)

With clean minimalist graphics and a nicely fitting modern/retro soundtrack, this is a very nice game to have on your smartphone.

Do you love games that look as simple as they are to play? If so, chances are we’ve just found another game for you to fall in love with!

Do you think you have what it takes to protect a small planet inhabited by one person?

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