Do you remember the colorful “One More” series from SMG that addicted countless players from around the world? Well, for players who don’t own a Nintendo Switch, the wait is over! This is our review of Super One More Jump by SMG Studio!

If you have an amazing memory, you may remember a game simply called One More Jump which was also developed by SMG Studio, and you wouldn’t be mistaken. Super One More Jump was originally designed for the Nintendo Switch and is packed with tons of features you normally don’t find in a Free game for iOS and Android.

That being said, most of the really cool features require you to purchase the Premium Version of the game for a whopping $1.99… which is actually a really good price, considering what you get…🤑

Jumping into the gameplay, Super One More Jump is played by skillfully tapping on the screen of your device in order to jump from one platform to another without smashing into any of the many deadly obstacles around the stage. Gravity in this game changes based on the first thing your player collides with each time you make a jump, allowing you to jump down onto a wall, and then down onto the roof, etc.

The game mechanic does take some getting used to – and can get a little confusing when playing longer or more complex levels – however, it shouldn’t take too long for most players to get the hang of it.

Moving on to the visuals, Super One More Jump packs quite a punch! With 11 unique themes – each with their own set of custom player skins for you to unlock – you can quite literally customize this game to your heart’s content! Personally, we like the pixelated default theme the best, but that is up to you. ❤

The Conclusion

In order to fully enjoy this game, upgrading to the Premium Version is kind of a must. You’ll be able to play everything this game has to offer and play without any Ads – not that we were shown any Ads during our testing…

All in all, there really isn’t a lot not to like about this game, making it the 5th and best “One More” game we’ve featured on our site to date!

Want to give Super One More Jump a try? The download link is just below.📲
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