Super Mario Run – Finally… it’s here!

If you don’t already know, Super Mario Run just hit the Apple App Store and things are crazy! With the first 3 levels free to play, (and the full game unlockable for a small-ish(?) fee of US$10), Super Mario Run features full on console grade 3D graphics, a simple gameplay system that can be both easy and extremely challenging depending on how “devoted” you are at collecting all the coins, and an insane multiplayer mode which is more than just addictiveWhat a sentence😅

If you’re planning a long trip home and want to play Super Mario Run on the go, unfortunately, you’re out of luck. Just like Pokemon GO, Super Mario Run requires constant internet access in order to play, meaning this game won’t be the best companion on your long flight home this Christmas🎅🏻

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Now, although the “Story Mode” is great, and is definitely the star feature of this new release, we found “Rally Mode”, a mode which allows users to battle it out against one another collecting coins the most addictive! Played using the tickets you receive for collecting all the “Special Coins” hidden around a level in “Story Mode”, for competitive players this mode is basically the end of your social life.

Unfortunately, tickets become harder and harder to come by as the game progresses in (free mode) adding just one more good reason for you to buy the full game.

With numerous more features such as Unlockable Characters, Kingdom Builder, and more, we have covered but a mere fraction of this awesome new release! Discovering the rest is up to you 😃

If you’ve always been a Super Mario fan and would like to test out your skills on the mobile platform now is the time to do it!

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