As you lustfully scroll through the millions of images of supercars on Google or Pinterest, have you ever absently wondered to yourself, “I wonder if that car could fly?” …No? Well, that’s a shame…😕

Super Car Plane! is an awesomely ridiculous low-poly game about a “Super Car” – not to be confused with “Supercar” – with doors that open upward, allowing it to take to the sky!

Although your car’s aerodynamics are dreadful, and a single bird strike will send you plummeting down into the cold waters below, your mission in this game is to pilot this terrifying contraption of death as far as possible, doing whatever it takes to gain just a little extra altitude.

Played using a mixture of (Tilt and Touch) controls, Super Car Plane! is played using tilt controls to angle your car so as to reach maximum speed while losing as little altitude as possible + a handy booster system that can be activated by touching and holding on the screen of your device.

All in all the game is fairly simple and easy to play, giving you just enough head space to enjoy the nicely made low-poly graphics while avoiding the seemingly never-ending flock of stupid seagulls that keep flying at you for no apparent reason… Get Out Of The Way😠

Fast, Fun, and Stupid. All the things you need in a great game!

The Conclusion

Overall, Super Car Plane! is an extremely simple and easy game to play with stupidly awesome graphics, a stupidly awesome concept, and a set of stupidly simple controls. …Perfect for players with a “stupidly awesome” sense of humor.

Want to give Super Car Plane! a try? The download link is just below😉

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