sugar, sugar

Are you the type of guy or girl who believes Coffee without sugar just isn’t Coffee? Well, today we’ve got a game which may even surpass your (very specific) coffee drinking preferences… 😲

Sugar, Sugar (by Bart Bonte) is a game about drawing lines on the screen of your device in order to guide sugar (which drops from the top of your screen) into different cups positioned around the screen of your device. Simple enough.

For anyone who has played Where’s My Water? (by Creature Feep and Disney Mobile) the concept is essentially the same – the only real difference being, you are dealing with constantly falling sugar and “often” multiple cups of coffee…

Although this becomes kind of obvious once you start playing the game, in most cases it is best if you start filling up the lowest cups first before moving on to the ones higher up. Since Sugar, Sugar is essentially a physics game, if you start by filling up the cups on top, you have no way of getting sugar down to the cups lower down. This is also because you can’t erase lines that were previously drawn on the screen.

As you progress through the game, you will be faced with more and more – somewhat annoying – coffee preferences such as people who will only drink coffee with red or blue sugar(?) and people who have to make things difficult by placing their mug upside down on the ceiling…

Ahh! This game will make you glad that you aren’t a barista… 😓

The Conclusion

With over 100 levels for you to work your way through – one cup at a time! – a very affordable price tag, and the pleasure of gaming Ad-free, this is a game we expect puzzle gamers who enjoy a warm cup of coffee will especially enjoy.

Not that we expect everybody else won’t enjoy playing Sugar, Sugar 😅

Want to give sugar, sugar a try? The download link is just below.📲
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