Stop The Milk – A simple game to help you phase out…

Have you ever found pouring milk into a glass entertaining…? Every so often we come across a game that is so stupidly boring, we just have to share it with you guys! …and today’s game is one of those games…

Stop The Milk is a game we don’t exactly understand. Played using a number of different sized glasses, your mission in this game is to pour milk into a glass until it passes a line which is on the side of each glass. If you wait too long and the milk overflows Game Over, and if you tap too early and the glass isn’t full Game Over. Either way, you lose.

Playing the game is incredibly easy, all you are required to do is tap on the screen of your device in order to stop pouring. The more glasses you successfully fill, the faster the poring milk becomes, requiring you to react faster and faster in order to successfully fill each glass without spilling any milk.

…why on earth did 100,000 people download this game… 😅

Other than an (Extreme Mode) that requires you to fill 2 glasses at once, this is all this game is, a game about filling glasses with milk!? Unless we’ve missed yet another internet trend like (The Milk Filler Challenge!) this is yet another game on the Apple App Store and Google Play we really don’t understand…

…perhaps a game about charging your phone would sell…? …wait, it already exists

The Conclusion

If you’re a collector of simulation games that don’t really make sense. Stop The Milk is yet another interesting game you may want to add to your collection.

…At least it is more entertaining than Rock Simulator 2014

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