Stickman Snow Ride – This Is The Best Stickman Game We’ve Ever Played…


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Why is this game not available on Android!? Are you Stupid!? These were the first words that came to mind after playing Stickman Snow Ride (by Amanda Lee) for the first time, not because Amanda is actually an idiot, but rather because Stickman Snow Ride is soooo good, it is GOING to get copied if it isn’t ported soon…

Set atop a snowy 3D mountain range, your mission in this game is simple. Snowboard down the mountain ahead of all your opponents in order to win! Super Simple!

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For anyone who has ever played Wind Rider! or Baseball Boy! (by Voodoo) the concept is essentially the same. Slide down the mountaintop at full speed in order to gain money, and then use that money to power up your player and win more money. It’s a vicious cycle fueled by your eternal greed for more money! 🤑🤑🤑

Anyway, ignoring the fact that you are probably going to end up playing this game for the money, Stickman Snow Ride looks beautiful! Featuring the richest and most immersive gaming experience we would have never expected to find in a mobile game about stickmen, this game is basically in a category of its own…

Seriously most stick man games only exist because the developers couldn’t be bothered coming up with characters that actually look good. 😂

With simple touch and drag controls, slow-motion effects to really dramatize crashes both with other players and with unmoving objects you really should have seen sitting there in front of you, this game is legit our favorite stickman game to date.

The Conclusion

If you’re into watching slow-motion collisions, high-speed races, and epic mid-air acrobatics, this is a game you are probably going to enjoy as much as we did… or still are… depending on when exactly you happen to be reading this.

Either way, this is the end of our review so that we can get back to playing! 😂

Want to give Stickman Snow Ride a try? The download link is just below.📲
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