Stair Free

Stair Free by Alec Thomson is a difficult game, where you help a slightly stupid person front flip up a staircase. What we mean by slightly stupid is the fact that you actually have to pull from the sides of the screen the platforms/staircases for your character to land on.

Often, he will jump before you even have a place for him to land on, thus falling to his death… Stair Free can get a little stressful at first but after a game or two you’ll get used to it.

The one downfall we found with this game was the fact that you have to watch an ad every five games…

This can get really frustrating, especially when you’ve just died a really irritating death and just want another try! Stair Free is a really cool game, especially once you’ve got the hang of it.

If you find that you love this game, we’d strongly advise you to buy the no ad’s add on, it would make the game much easier to play.

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