Stack Jump – Endless Jumping Action

Ever since the release of Stack by Ketchapp, have you had this strange urge to play every single game with the word “Stack” included in the title? “No…?” Well, that’s why we play them all for you! 😉

Stack Jump by Voodoo is currently the hottest stacking/jumping game currently on the market and for good reason! The game is played by tapping on the screen of your device in order to make a pink monster-like creature jump up onto a platform that slides in from either the left or right sides of the screen.

The game is incredibly easy to play, and thanks to the fact that you aren’t required to balance your tower, (i.e. The only way you can die is by getting knocked off your tower by a fastmoving platform), learning how to play this game is a piece of cake!

Unfortunately, because this game is so easy to both learn and play, Stack Jump isn’t exactly the most addictive game we’ve ever played. With limited functionality and just a few too many ads for our liking, this is more of a game you might find yourself playing for a week before you return back to Edamame Reviews for something new to play!

With an alright set of 3D graphics (not the best but respectable), a number of different players for you to unlock, and 2 game modes for you to try out (Endless Mode and Challenge Mode), Stack Jump is a fun little game for you to check out this week.

The Conclusion

Although we wouldn’t recommend downloading Stack Jump as your “only” source of entertainment while on a 9-hour flight if you’re after something simple and fun you can play while waiting in line, this is the game you need.

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