Out of the many different types of puzzle games we’ve featured on Edamame Reviews, the hardest ones we’ve tested so far are the ones where one small – seemingly insignificant – move you made 10 steps ago can ruin everything you worked so hard to achieve.

Lucky there is a handy “Undo” button in Stack & Crack which will probably save you more pain than you will be willing to admit…

Stack & Crack (by Jambav) is a game about skillfully stacking tiles on top of one another in order to clear approximately 100 handcrafted levels. Played using a simple sequence of tap based controls, Stack & Crack is played by tapping on a tile in order to select it, and then tapping on the location you would like to slide it to on the board. Pretty Simple.

Each tile has an arrow inscribed on it, showing which directions it can slide. Now, things start getting tricky once you start stacking tiles on top of one another. Instead of fusing together like some Super Saiyan puzzle piece, the piece on the bottom dictates where your pieces can move and the one(s) on top simply hitch a ride.

If you’re having trouble visualizing our last sentence, we recommend checking out the quick 30-second video above.

As you can imagine this makes playing the game very, very hard. In fact, if it weren’t for the many different types of “Special Tiles” which can be used to flip your stack of tiles, split them apart, teleport them around the board, and much more, most of the levels in this game would be physically impossible to solve.

If you enjoy puzzling over puzzle games that almost feel as though you are trying to crack a combination lock – where there is only ever one correct answer – this is a game you could potentially really enjoy.

The Conclusion

If you’re like a human A.I. and don’t mind mentally plowing through all the possible ways in which you could attempt to solve the not so simple puzzle you are faced with, then Stack & Crack is a game you will probably find challenging!

…although we somehow feel as though you shouldn’t wast your god-like abilities on a video game…😓

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