Squashy Bug

Have you ever wanted to experience life as an ant? Constantly on the hunt for food, and other resources you can bring back to your colony, life as an ant would be pretty busy, to say the least…

However, being just busy may not be that big of a deal, especially when you consider the massive feet that regularly come crashing down around you… With more force than seems physically possible(!), these massive boulders of doom come crashing down around you at more than a million ant-power! No doubt, there is a colony of ants somewhere that is studying how to harness the power of the human shoe! 

Squashy Bug is a game that doesn’t focus on harnessing the power of huge humans but instead focuses on collecting coins and bringing them back to your colony without getting crushed by one of the many large feet that stomp all around you.

The game is extra easy to play, (tap on the left side of the screen to move left and on the right to move right), and so you really shouldn’t have much of a problem figuring out how to play this game.

The longer you survive the more crowded the footpath gets, forcing you to move both faster and smarter in order to avoid getting crushed to death. Just for the record, Squashy Bug is far better than A bug’s life ever was…

With simple minimalistic graphics, a number of different cute and easily crushable bugs for you to unlock, and a magnificent level of tactile feedback that really begins to make you nervous, especially after a few close encounters with your creator, Squashy Bug is a game we would recommend to pretty much anyone who has ever wondered what it would be like to live life as an ant.

The Conclusion

If you truly think you have what it takes to survive the streets of our cities as an ant, you are brave… very brave…

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