Sprocket – The Whirlpool Of Doom

Does anyone still play a game called Crazy Circle? (by Ketchapp and Monkeyfood) If so, today we’ve got a game that will probably seem compelling at first(!), and then slowly but surely become a torturous process of repeated 3.0-second GAME OVERS…😓

Sprocket (by Pixonite) is an incredibly good looking game. With a fluid set of graphics that actually look as though they were made of liquid, your mission in this game is to jump from one ring to another as the circular play area you move on is slowly sucked into the center of your screen. Never to be seen again!

Obviously, you don’t want to get sucked into this black-hole of doom, and so you are required to skillfully tap on the screen of your device in order to jump from one ring to another as you frantically attempt to stay alive for just a few seconds longer.


So far so good. For players who have played Crazy Circle, this game shouldn’t be too hard to imagine. Simply multiply the difficulty of Crazy Circle (a highly challenging game) by about 10 or so and voila, you have Sprocket.

Unfortunately, Sprocket isn’t a game we would recommend to the average player. Similarly to the famously impossible Super HexagonSprocket is a game that takes pleasure in butchering anyone who so much as attempts to give this game a try.

Although the graphics are beautiful and the controls are simple, Sprocket isn’t a game we expect many players will actually have the ability to enjoy.

The Conclusion

Would we recommend this game to the 90% of casual gamers who visit Edamame Reviews? “No way!” This game is far too hard for the average player.

However, if you believe you have the skill to take on this monster of a game, here it is. Just don’t blame us when you die… over and over and over again…😈

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