Have you ever had a brilliant idea that was – unfortunately – thought up by someone just a little before you? When this happens you have 1 of 2 choices, give up, or make it better – and what better way to make something better than adding “Cats!”

Splashy Cats is a game about a drowning cat clinging to a floating log for dear life! Said bluntly (for people who know) this is a clone of ZigZag by Ketchapp, with Cats and heavily updated graphics instead of a ball and lots of nothingness…

For people who haven’t played ZigZag, Splashy Cats is a game made of hundreds of right angled bends you’re floating feline will need to avoid. (Wait a sec, shouldn’t our cat be trying to get to shore…?) As your player approaches a bend, you will be required to tap on the screen to switch your cat’s direction by 90 degrees, helping him avoid crashing into the edge of the river. (Seriously, something’s wrong here…💧)

When it comes to graphics, the developers of Splashy Cats couldn’t have made things much better! The vibrant 2d/3d graphics give the game a depthy look, while keeping the overall look nice and simple. The only real complaint we have with this game are the ads, more specifically the ad placement.

A lot of the time ads will cover over buttons, sometimes even the “Close Ad” button forcing users to tap on an ad, leave the app, and then return before continuing the game… Not the best user experience😕

The Conclusion

Although ads can sometimes be an issue, Splashy Cats is a remarkably well built game we can’t wait to play after an update or two.

If reading this review gave you the burning desire to play Splashy Cats right now! The download link is just below😉

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