Spiraloid – A dizzyingly beautiful 3D adventure!

Today we’ve got something awesome! Are you of the generation of players who were totally astonished by the dazzling 3D graphics featured in the 2003 release, Sonic Heroes? Featuring dazzling 3D graphics packed with vibrant colors and a level design that seemed to pull you into the world of the game, Sonic Heroes still has a special place in our hearts…

Spiraloid is a game that inherits the Sonic Heroes spirit. Featuring a set of immersive 3D graphics that move in perfect unison to the equally immersive soundtracks featured in Spiraloid, this game is like a ticket to another world!

Based on a rather commonly used gameplay system, (Tap to Jump over obstacles), your mission in this game is to avoid smashing into anything dangerous as you make your way around each endlessly spiraling 3D stage.

For players – like us – who enjoy games with great soundtracks, Spiraloid is more than just a great sounding game. Featuring a gameplay system that revolves around the beat of the music, avoiding obstacles and predicting traps is surprisingly fun and easy to do. As long as you have the volume on…

With graphics that stretch as far as the eye can see, at first the dazzling graphics makes it difficult to focus on the tasks before you😓  But once you get the hang of things and no longer freeze, wonderstruck by the sight before your eyes, Spiraloid seems to get more and more immersive, and in turn harder and harder to put down…

If you enjoyed Smash Hit, arguably the most beautiful 3D game for mobile, chances are you’ll enjoy Spiraloid, the closest runner-up for Smash Hit we have ever seen.

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