Were you addicted to Spider Square and Tower Dash by BoomBit? If so, today we’ve got a game that breathes new life into the addictive category BoomBit seems to have forgotten…

Spider Ball (by TTGame Studio) is a game that looks like something BoomBit would have created 12-24 months ago. Set on a minimalistic stage filled with obstacles, your mission in this game is to swing past numerous obstacles either in an attempt to achieve a new high score, or reach the goal in one piece…💀 Depending on the game mode you are currently playing…

Featuring both an “Endless Mode” and an “Arcade Mode” with set levels, Spider Ball features a total of 45 levels for you to swing your way around + approximately 40 funny characters for you to unlock!

Playing the game is easy. Simply (Touch and Drag) to aim in the direction you would like to fire your web/rope and (Release) to fire. Your player will automatically swing toward the anchor point of your web/rope before automatically detaching itself.

By repeatedly aiming, firing, and swinging, you can slowly make your way up and around most obstacles without too much difficulty. The only challenge being, it is incredibly difficult for you to adjust the speed and hight of your ball with just one rope. Periodically crashing into one of the walls can actually help you adjust your speed and height.

Spider Ball

Featuring a minimal number of ads, plenty of functionality and these cute emoji comments from your player each time you nearly die, Spider Ball is a game we expect anyone who (like us) fell in love with Spider Square and Tower Dash will likely really enjoy!

If only we saw more good minimalistic spiderman games on the Apple App Store and Google Play…

The Conclusion

Are you in need of a game that doesn’t hesitate to let you know just how badly you are playing with a well-timed Emoji? Spider Ball and Dashy Crashy (by :DUMPLING) are the two best game we are aware of!😆

Because we all want someone telling us just how badly we are playing… don’t we…😠

Want to give Spider Ball a try? The download link is just below.📲
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