Spacewolf – retro arcade space shooter

At first glance, Spacewolf looks like just another retro space shooter game, however, as you start playing the game you will slowly start to discover that there’s much more to this game than you might first think.

Right at the beginning of Spacewolf, you are told that Earth is being attacked by aliens and that it is your job to defend it with your simple fighter spaceship. Which is why you find yourself immediately in action! Surprisingly, the controls are very simple and easy to use.

By tilting your phone, you can move your spaceship around the screen, that’s all there is to it, the rest is handled automatically for you. (No need to worry about handling weapons.) If you find it a bit uncomfortable to tilt your device, then there is good news for you as the game lets you choose between Touch Controls and Tilt Controls.

When trying to kill the invading aliens you’ll sadly realize that your spaceship probably isn’t quite suitable for the mission… But don’t worry, by collecting the stars that fall from the dead enemies you can start to prepare yourself for bigger endeavors.

After some quick deaths, you will soon discover that you have your very own space station, (that needs some care), with a research department at your disposal.

Your hopes will quickly jump high as you start collecting resources to build your next, (more lethal), spaceship. There are up to 5 different types of spaceships you can have with ever increasing devastating capabilities including a minigun, long range laser, missile, bomb launcher and more…

After playing for a while with your shiny new spaceship, you will begin to easily crush your foes with a grin on your face. You will also realize that there is more to the aliens than just random invading packs.

They are probably coming from somewhere and your only chance of survival is to find it out where that is… You will soon find yourself on a journey through the Milky Way with beautiful background space landscapes of planets and retro designed spaceships. On top of all this, you can enjoy 5 awesome original soundtracks from Lightphaser at which point you will realize that you simply cannot stop playing… (Just… one… more… upgrade to the spaceship and you’ll be able to beat that level.)

The game contains 10 story mode levels, some challenges, and even a survival mode.
All this is free to play without any annoying ads, though if you become too impatient Spacewolf contains a shop which lets you buy more stars to speed up your spaceship upgrades.



About – Joseph Gogh

This game is so addictive, you will hardly believe that all the development was done by a single programmer / music composer Joseph Gogh who is also known as Lightphaser. You can listen to and download music from Lightphaser at his official webpage.

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