If you were a monkey stranded on an asteroid way out in deep space, surrounded by a herd of floating Space-Cattle, what would you do to escape… Sound ridiculous? Well, today we’ve got a game about it…!

Space Max is a game based almost exactly on the situation described above. Besides a few large asteroids you’ll want to avoid, a bunch of metal gears you can collect to gain points and a bunch of bananas you will need to collect for “fuel” this game is pretty much what you’d expect. Ridiculous!

Played using a fairly straightforward set of tap controls, Space Max is played by tapping on the screen below your monkey in order to boost him up and at an angle, allowing you to quickly and simply manoeuver your way around dangerous obstacles.

Now, if you’re still stuck on the word “fuel” above, Space Max is played by turning bananas into gas which can be used to propel your money up in a smelly blast of disgustingness😂

Although this is a fairly disgusting image to picture in real life, the fun comical graphics in Space Max bring this absurd concept to life! Resulting in a silly little game you can play and enjoy.

The Conclusion

With a minimal number of ads, simple controls, and a set of ridiculous graphics to wrap it all together, Space Max is a game you can play and forget about for when you need it most.

Want to give Space Max a try? The download link is just below😉

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