Puzzle games are fun! If you’ve got 5 hours to kill waiting at an airport and would like to feel as though you are being mildly productive, puzzle games not only kill time but also help you feel as though you are actually exercising your brain! …whether or not you are actually doing your brain any good is kind of debatable…😅

Sokube (by Nanovation and Cobo Studios) is a game about pushing cubes around a stage in order to align them with a number of given checkpoints positioned around the stage. The game is played by skillfully planning your moves in advance so as to prevent yourself from accidentally trapping your player into a corner and not being able to move… GAME OVER…

The graphics are great (although the animations are a little slow which makes it annoying when you are trying to quickly restart a level), there aren’t too many Ads, and a handy little slider makes it simple and easy for you to rotate around the stage, allowing you to better visualise the 3D space you are working with.

Although simple in concept, Sokube has one major problem. The controls are far from intuitive…

As you twist and rotate your view of the stage, what is left (or what used to be left) for your player will at some point become right, swapping the direction in which you are required to swipe in order to move in that direction.

If your view rotated in hard 90º clicks, it would be easy to control your player, however, Sokube gives players complete freedom over the camera’s rotation. Although this is great for puzzle solving, it is often the cause of countless small disasters you have no real way of getting out of other than restarting the game.

If you’re a die-hard puzzle game fan that enjoys playing these types of games, you’ll probably get used to the controls fairly quickly, however, if you’re not a die-hard puzzle game fan, you’ll probably get a little – or sometimes very(!) – frustrated…😓

The Conclusion

If you have the patience to “learn” how to play this game, Sokube not only looks great, it features not too many Ads, and has an abundance of different levels for you to check out!

…unfortunately, it isn’t exactly intuitive…

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