Soccer Drills! – The most “descriptive” game title ever…?

Do you like things that just make sense? Often what becomes a key factor in something instantly making sense is the title… Today we’ve got a game with the simplest, plainest, and most descriptive title ever!

Soccer Drills! is a game with potentially the most descriptive title on Edamame Reviews. Based around a basic Soccer training drill (i.e. maneuver a ball around orange cones without hitting anything) your mission in this game is pretty much explained by the title.

Based around the longest single line of obstacles (i.e. Cones) we’ve ever seen, your mission in this game is to skillfully tap on the screen of your device in order to change your ball’s angular direction and weave your way past, around, and through tight squeezes without hitting anything. Pretty simple.

For players who have played – or still play – Real Soccer, Soccer Drills! is a surprisingly realistic Soccer game you can use to brush up on your skills while you wait for your bus or train ride home.

The only issue we had with this game during our testing period was, no matter how many hundreds of times we played the game, our “Real Life Soccer Skills” didn’t seem to get any better…😓 Is this a bug…? 😁

Are you a devoted Soccer Gamer whose skills could use a little brushing up before your next big game? It’s about time you did some Soccer Drills!

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