Snakebird – “Cuteness” and “Brain Torturing Puzzles” have become one…

Have you ever played snakes? If you’re old enough to have owned a “Mobile Phone” – not a “Smartphone” – you may have been lucky enough to play this legendary black and white pixel game that – to be completely honest – isn’t that cool…😓

Snakebird on the other hand is a different story, Snakebird is an amazing feat of modern game development technology mixed in with just a little retro-ness.

Snakebird is a puzzle game about the longest bird to ever be featured in a mobile game. Your goal in this game is rather simple, eat all the pieces of fruit floating around a stage in order to unlock a “Rainbow Gate” you can use to depart the stage – thus clearing the level.

With this simple description of the game you may be wondering to yourself, “Is Snakebird a kids game?” If so, our answer to that is definitely NO!

Snakebird is one of the hardest puzzle games we’ve played to date, and it’s all thanks to your bird’s sheer length. Let’s say your bird slithers into a cave to eat a piece of fruit in order to grow longer, your tail may very well block off the entrance from which you entered meaning you will somehow have to maneuver yourself around so as you reposition your head and tail without getting stuck… This kind of stuff gives us a headache… 😅

If you’re a die hard puzzle game fan you’ll love this game, and the extremely helpful undo button that moves you back one step at a time. (Every puzzle game should have one of these!)

Although difficult, each level has a logical solution that, with a little persistence, will eventually become obvious… most of the time…

Need a super cute puzzle game that isn’t so cute on your brain?

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