Snake Time (by Those Six Faces) is a game that – at first glance – looks like someone’s reimagined sequel to the classic game Snake you may or may not have played on your very first mobile phone… Take a closer look and you soon begin to realize that you have absolutely no idea what is going on in this game…

The only thing that resembles the classic game Snake in Snake Time is the fact that you can’t cross over your own body without dying. Set on a colorful gridded stage made up of different shaped tiles – which all mean something different – your mission in this game is to pass over all of the tiles without overlapping your own long body. So far so good… 😅

At first, things start off fairly easy. With only one type of tile to worry about, all you need is a bit of logic in order to solve most of the puzzles you are up against. Then you are introduced to tiles you don’t need to pass over in order to clear the level, and tiles which contain gold, and lastly tiles that reverse time.

With the introduction of these last tiles, Snake Time transforms from a kind of challenging game to a game you are going to struggle to complete even the first few levels of without some serious brain power and a whole lot of luck!

Due to the shape of the level, sometimes it is physically impossible for you to complete a level you are working on without overlapping yourself somewhere or alternatively stepping back in time. This is how Snake Time requires players to carefully calculate just when and where they choose to step back in time in order to clear the level they are on.

Unfortunately, people can only focus on a limited number of things at any given time and considering just how many different ways you could attempt to tackle the same level, having 5 different blocks that will reverse you anywhere from 2 to 6 moves scattered around the stage makes playing this game sometimes feel nearly impossible.

And you can see in the trailer video above, things are only going to get more and more challenging(!) meaning unless you are really confident with your puzzle solving skills, Snake Time may be a bit of a struggle… CAUTION! Experts only!

The Conclusion

Besides being impossibly challenging, Snake Time is simple and easy to play (control wise) and features a beautiful set of stylish 2D graphics we expect players who are skilled enough to play this game will really enjoy!

Please note we aren’t exaggerating when we say this game is hard. If you’re not good with puzzles, you’ll probably find this game a bit of a struggle…

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