Smoosh LAB – Think you’re smart? You’re not…

“You think you’re smart? You’re not. My name is Lazlo, and I’m in charge here at Smoosh LAB. I’ve got an infinite amount of puzzles that will destroy your puny brain. Still, want to play? Good luck, and if you can actually get past MY puzzles I will enslave you for eternity as one of my puzzle-making minions. Either way, it’s a win, win… for me.”

Sorry about that, sometimes Lazlo can get a bit out of hand. Our new game, Smoosh LAB, is the sequel to the original puzzler that knocked everyone’s socks right back on. We have taken that concept and expanded upon it to bring you a whole new world that allows you to connect to the vast community of “minions” like yourself.

New mechanics bring new life to the puzzles and so many more possibilities! 6 new mechanics have been added including Flip-Flop, Push, Patrol, Path, Laser Turret, & Trapdoor Blocks. This brings the total up to 15 mechanics to make mind-bending puzzles out of.

Yes, you can make your own puzzles too. We have built a super user-friendly level creator so you can make puzzles to your heart’s desire. And more than that, once you have created the world’s most difficult puzzle, you can share it with your friends to show them how much smarter than them you really are! Watch out for Lazlo’s levels too, he likes to throw some really hard ones in there from time to time.

Lastly, one of our favorite things about the game is the customization. You are able to change your profile color which, in turn, changes the color scheme of the whole game! And we didn’t stop there. You can even change your blop shapes and give them fun patterns that will show up during gameplay.

We hope you enjoy what we have created! And if you make something awesome, share it with us. We want to see. My username is “juicebox710” (I am the designer) and “plumpman” (he is the developer). Show us what you got! Thanks for playing!


  • MASTER 100 increasingly challenging puzzles.
  • CREATE unlimited levels to outwit the world.
  • SHARE your creations with friends.
  • SOLVE endless puzzles in the community lab.
  • PLAY at your own pace without the stress of a clock.
  • BEAT every puzzle to become the ultimate minion!


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