Smashy Duo – Smash zombies with your insane tennis skills!

We have come across a number of different strange and exotic weapons as a team of Mobile Game Reviewers, but today is the first time we’ve discovered that a Tennis Ball is a viable weapon in a fight against a horde of zombies. Yet another item to add to our office doomsday disaster kit…

Smashy Duo is a game about two newbie tennis heroes who step forward during a zombie apocalypse in order to save the world! After a “mysterious machine” suddenly swallowed all the experienced heroes protecting our planet from certain doom, your mission in this game is to defend our planet by smashing zombies! …using a tennis ball…🎾

The game is incredibly easy to play, simply tap on the left or right side of your screen depending on the direction in which your ball rebounds back at you. Each time you successfully hit the ball the game will automatically target and destroy a zombie, meaning all you – the player – are required to do is tap on the correct side of your screen at the correct time.

The more times you successfully rally the ball back and forth between zombies and your two players the more points you gain and the faster the ball begins to move. A simple time waster with a brilliantly simple set of controls.

Why is this funny… Wii Sports…😂

Other than being simple and easy to play, Smashy Duo also features a number of different heroes, (mentioned above), you can buy back from the “mysterious machine” using the coins you collect while playing the game. A sneaky marketing ploy by the heroes protecting earth…?

With cute animated graphics, not too many ads and heroes that look strikingly similar to some other characters we must have seen somewhere else, Smashy Duo is a fun little time waster you won’t regret checking out.

Are you ready to defend the world with your amazing tennis rallying skills? If so, Smashy Duo is a game you will likely find a whole lot of fun!

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