Slomo Jumper

The title really says it all… Slomo Jumper is one of the funnest games I’ve had the chance to review. Honestly this game could have had third rate graphics, a cheap sound track, and a high price tag and it would still be fun.

Now don’t get any ideas Kush Sharma, I’m not saying you should drop the quality or anything. It’s just that Slomo Jumper’s game concept is so brilliant, there is no way you could have made this game bad!

So everyone, if you don’t believe me you should really try it, because I love it! The game is really all about jumping from wall to wall so as to avoid falling through gaping gapsĀ in the walls.

Mix this in with some ninja moves, and a hint of the matrix and you’ve got Slomo Jumper! If you’ve got 5 minutes, play this game! It’s thatĀ simple… You’ll be hooked.

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