Sliding Down – Sliding down clouds has never been so hard!

Have you ever dreamed of sleeping on a fluffy cloud high above the ground? If so, chances are you’ve also dreamed about what would happen if you accidently fell through your fluffy cloud and plummeted down to your death… Not Fun💀

Sliding Down is a game about a black ball that must have decided to stop dreaming and instead make napping on a cloud a reality… Unfortunately, it seems clouds are surprisingly slippery, and it is your job to keep this unlucky black ball alive…

Set in a cloud filled sky, your mission in this game is to help a black ball slide from cloud to cloud without ever falling outside of your screen’s view and GAME OVER. The concept behind the game is relatively simple, and due to the fact that the gameplay system is entirely physics based it shouldn’t take you long to figure out how to play the game.

By tapping on the screen of your device you can switch between tilting all the clouds in the visible sky either left or right, which allows you to control the direction in which your ball slides. …or at least most of the time.

As we stated above, this game is entirely physics based meaning if your ball falls a little too fast, it takes quite a bit of force to slow it down. In addition to this, there are also quite a few small obstacles floating between clouds that won’t kill or pop your ball, but can easily throw your perfectly planned decent way off course…😓

With a clean minimalist design, cute visual effects, and a simple physics based gameplay system Sliding Down is a fun little game you can store on your phone for when you need it most.

Do you just love physics-based games? Being some of the easiest games to learn how to play due to their direct link to the world in which we live, Sliding Down is another simple game you may want to check out.

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