Sky Surfing – Why Would You Surf When You Can Fly?

Which ability would you rather have: Flying or Surfing? Ask anyone this question and we would bet that over 90% of people would answer “Flying”. *At the time of writing this poll is still live so we are actually making a bet here… 😂

So when we heard the name Sky Surfing (by CloudMacaca) we couldn’t help but wonder why anyone would choose to mix surfing into a game where you literally play as an airplane which – for anyone who doesn’t know – is a vehicle that can fly!

Set in a mystical 3D world where large chunks of land can float in the sky with no apparent support, (sounds like Minecraft), your mission in this game is to avoid smashing onto large chunks of earth as you rush forever forward in a mad rush to survive for as long as possible.

As you make your way around floating boulders and large chunks of land, you can skid your plane along the ground – almost as though it is surfing – in order to build up power for a massive boost that will send you rushing past your old high score.

Although this method of building up power is simple and easy to understand, it is also incredibly easy to mess up and die, making it a sort of two-edged sword you’ll need to learn how to handle.

With a large selection of skins for you to unlock that not only change the look and feel of your player but also the environment you are playing in, Sky Surfing is a surprisingly fun little game which really doesn’t have a lot to do with surfing or even the sky(!) depending on what skin you happen to be using… 😂

The Conclusion

With an excellent 3D design, not too many ads, and a super simple (touch and drag) control system we haven’t really talked about in this review, Sky Surfing is a gorgeous new game that looks really great, however, in our opinion is a little lacking when it comes to addictiveness.

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