Skiddy Car – The controls remind me of a generation I would rather forget…

Skiddy Car

Do you love radio controlled cars? As youngsters, there weren’t many boys (or girls) who didn’t want a sick radio controlled vehicle that could drive at a top speed capable of destroying itself if you were to ever crash it… A little like a real car… not ideal for rough little children…

This generation was awesome, but the generation before it… That hideous generation where “radio controlled” cars were connected to the controller via a cable!? And for some stupid reason, you could only turn left!? What!? …The controls in Skiddy Car (by Kwalee) remind us of that generation… only much better, and for mobile…!

What turned out to be a terrible control scheme in real life turned out amazingly in Skiddy Car! Played by tapping and releasing on the screen of your device in order to either skid left or right – not unlike the cars we mentioned above – simply put, Skiddy Car! is far from realistic!

That being said, realism isn’t necessarily important when it comes to gaming. Set atop a winding 3D racetrack filled with 90-degree bends designed to challenge your skills as a player, Skiddy Car starts off fairly easy, before rapidly becoming more and more challenging, thanks to the introduction of sharper bends, more obstacles designed to throw you off, and a faster overall speed…!

Unfortunately for some, the graphics/animations in this game don’t exactly feel premium. In fact, when we first saw an Ad for this game, the first word that came to our minds was “Cheap!”. After playing the game for a bit, we can confirm that Skiddy Car! doesn’t feel quite as cheap as we were expecting from that Ad, but by no means feels premium.

But hey? Does a game need to feel premium to be fun? 🤔 That question almost deserves an article of its own… 😂

The Conclusion

With a bunch of different cars for you to unlock, a fairly standard number of Ads, a super simple control scheme – that is super easy to mess up until you’ve gotten used to it – and that’s about it! Skiddy Car! is pretty much what you would expect, with very few hiccups or surprises.

Which is probably a good thing!

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