Skater - Let's Skate

It is incredibly easy to find an overly complicated skating game for your iOS or Android device. With awesome 3D graphics, a whole heap of simple(?) swipe gestures for you to remember and impossibly fast gameplay, these types of games are both fun and exhausting at the same time…

Skater (by ZPLAY) is the complete opposite of a complex skating game. Played by simply touching on the screen of your device in order to accelerate and perform tricks and releasing in order to slow down, you are going to struggle to find a skating game much simpler than this.

Featuring just a few different skateboards and accessories for you to unlock using the coins you collect while playing the game, it almost seems as though the developers spent most of their time and effort making this game feel nice. And boy did they succeed!

With a few different parallax backgrounds (it that even a word?) which give the game a slightly different feel each time you start a new game, Skater features a large variety of map elements that are combined together randomly in order to make the gameplay slightly different with each new game you play.

For anyone else who is a fan of pretty much everything from Orangenose Studios, Skater (by ZPLAY) has a similar sort of feel. Sitting perfectly on the fine line between simplified fun and overly simple, this game balances difficulty levels perfectly, resulting in an addictive gaming experience which couldn’t be made more simple!

Needless to say, we love playing this game!

The Conclusion

If you’re tired of playing games that require your full attention 100% of the time just to survive, Skater is a game you need to check out!

Although the soundtrack in Skater is actually pretty nice, Skater would make a great little game to play while listening to music or an audiobook.

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